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Product Review: SmashMallow Crispy Treats and my own version

I found Smash Mallow by accident while in the health food section of the grocery store.

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The Top 5 of my favorite quick grab snacks

If your life is anything like mine it is always go, go, go! And with life going faster than the speed of sound remembering to eat isn’t always on the top of the priority list.  

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Deciding to live Gluten Free

This January I decided to take the giant leap and go gluten free for my health. It has been a challenge but it has made an enormous difference. My entire adult life I have had a constant headache. 

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Ooey Gooey Allergen Free Cinnamon Rolls!

January 2019 marks the new health adventure I began- going completely gluten free. This has been a great thing but as we all know once we are told something is off limits then all you crave and for me it’s been cinnamon rolls. 

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The perfect Buttercream Frosting

Here’s a simple, not cloyingly sweet, vegan buttercream frosting recipe that is easy to add whatever flavors your heart desires. 

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It’s time to make Whoopie! (Pies)
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Gluten is Lurking

When you are newly diagnosed as having a gluten allergy or intolerance it can seem like it can pop up at any time and be anywhere. This can make your life full of anxiety and always second guessing yourself when it comes to foods.

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88 Acres Seed bars review

Nowadays finding a Top 8 free granola bar is becoming more commonplace but sometimes the tast is also lost due to the lose of ingredients. Sometimes the cardboard box may have more flavor than the bar itself... just by chance my eyes fell upon a seed bar by 88 Acres. Let me tell you they are absolutely delicous! 

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