Product Review: SmashMallow Crispy Treats and my own version

I found SMASHMALLOW by accident while trying to find a family favorite snack in the health food section of the grocery store. I searched the ingredients list and it looked safe. I then, quickly and quite easily, might I add, navigate through their website and see which treats from Smash Mallow were safe for my daughter and myself! 

Per their website , all their products are gluten free and without corn, dairy, nuts, or eggs. The Smash Crispy treats are the only products that are made in a dedicated facility that is gluten and nut free. Because of this I did not pick up the Smash marshmallows but they do look delicious!

They weren’t that expensive (for an allergy friendly treat) and the box has six individually wrapped rice crispy squares in it.


The two flavors I picked up were the churro and mint chocolate chip. The company also has a strawberries and cream flavor but was not available at the grocery store I was shopping at.


These were a great find for a grab and go treat. They are good sized and kid approved in my house!


I know these treats aren’t considered vegan top 8 allergen free so I had to come up with my own version.


Here’s my take on the mint chocolate chip treats. Note- these are NOT vegan! I have not found a top 8 allergen free vegan marshmallow in my travels to many, many, MANY grocery stores in my area. Have you found this unicorn of a marshmallow in your adventures food shopping? I would love to know!

Check out the recipe!


 All products in this review were purchased with my own money and no one has approached me to do a review for them. My thoughts on the products are my own and do not reflect the thoughts or opinions of anyone else.

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