The perfect Buttercream Frosting

Here’s a simple, not cloyingly sweet, vegan buttercream frosting recipe that is easy to add whatever flavors your heart desires.

Here are some things to remember to make it the easiest recipe ever!

  • Make sure the margarine is at room temperature for at least an hour or so. If not, the frosting will never completely blend and stay lumpy.
  • The powdered sugar should be added one cup at a time. This limits the sugar dust and smoothness.
  • Sift the powdered sugar each time it is added to the butter to keep the frosting less dense. This isn’t necessary but it adds a nice silkiness.
  • Add pure vanilla extract instead of imitation. This gives the frosting a smooth flavor.
  • Adding a small amount of non-dairy milk helps increase the spread-ability of the frosting and can be altered depending on the consistency desired- such as piping or for pouring over as an icing.

Once the vanilla frosting is complete you can add any flavoring you desire. Just remember that any additional liquid will decrease the thickness. I like to add freeze dried fruits to not only add flavor but also some great color.

Here’s a frosting with freeze dried strawberries. So yummy in flavor and such a soft pretty pink. 

Here’s a frosting with freeze dried strawberries. So yummy in flavor and such a soft pretty pink. 


What flavors do you like best?

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