Celebrating 10 years and quite a few allergies later

My husband and I just celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary this past spring and wow things have changed a lot in a decade. We’ve moved three times, had multiple pets, and had a couple kids along the way. We have definitely grown as people and a couple but something that has also increased is our allergies...

Just a few months after we purchased our first home, my husband started to have an allergic reaction. We had our first trip to the ER and he was diagnosed with a birch allergy after testing. His allergy then manifested over the years into having oral allergy syndrome. This is when your body gets confused with a food protein that looks similar to your allergen and attacks it. Meaning most outdoor plants and all tree fruits have to be avoided. 

Fast forward a few years and my Cecelia had a couple of allergic reactions to food. Scary but we have learned so much along the way to keep her safe. 

Fast forward another handful of years and I found how sensitive I am to certain foods such as citrus, nitrates, and gluten. We are such a “fun” family to cater for which is why we eat at home most of the time. 

Yet ten years later my husband and I are taking our first couple’s vacation to celebrate. We chose someplace warm, a quick-ish flight away, and in the same time zone. St Lucia hit all those requirements. 


We found a gorgeous resort that is a little way from the sandy beaches and also has a ton of amenities. 

A fantastic thing we learned is there is a pre-check in with many questions including food allergies/ intolerances/ preferences. Right there this is helping put my mind at ease that we will be able to not just enjoy the wonderful location but also the food and drink. Don’t get me wrong I packed lots and lots of safe snacks- think my entire personal travel bag is food! But this will give everyone some time to prepare for our stay.

Stay tuned for updates. What vacations have you gone on that you were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to eat with food allergies/ intolerances? Which places have been the hardest?