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Cake Flop to Cake Pop!

Ever make a cake that just isn’t right? It’s a bit dry. It’s shaped funny. It refused to come out of the pan! Well there’s a solution…

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Another installment of “how is that even possible”

We thought we were getting totally back on schedule. Well that was until someone grazed the water pipe for the sink and all of a sudden they hear a whoosh. And the pipe falls to the floor.

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this rarely ever happens...

Yet another interesting quirk about our house has made itself known while the kitchen renovation is underway…

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Nourished Festival in Worcester 2019

It’s been a bit crazy in our house with all the kitchen renovations but my Cecelia and I took a quick field trip to the Nourished Festival in Worcester, MA. It’s is a food expo held all over the United States showcasing gluten free foods. At each expo multiple vendors share their wares that are not just gluten free but many times nut free, keto/paleo friendly, and even vegetarian/plant based.

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Well I’ve never seen that before...

This is a phrase you never want to hear when you are doing any sort of renovation on your house. Since the start of our kitchen project it has been said four times already and it has only been a week!

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Celebrating 10 years and quite a few allergies later

My husband and I just celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary this past spring and wow things have changed a lot in a decade. We have definitely grown as people and a couple but something that has also increased is our allergies...

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Hiccups in Renovation

We are quickly learning that nothing goes smooth when it comes to anything with our house. We should of known that a large project would be derailed at least three times before it even started.

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​When “safe” isn’t safe...

My Cecelia is a social butterfly and loved by her peers. She is invited to many parties and play dates. Most, if not all. Of her friends know she has allergies and let their families know she needs to be safe.

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When Dairy isn’t an option

How do you get enough calcium when you don’t eat or drink dairy? We just had this conversation at our pediatrician’s office at my Cecelia’s last physical.

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