Colors of the kitchen

The actual renovation is quickly approaching! This means we are in high anxiety mode. Not only do we have to pack up our existing kitchen but still have to live in a house without a working one for at least a few weeks.

I keep trying to look at the light at the end of the tunnel! So what do I do to keep myself smiling and excited rather than totally panicked? Pull out the gorgeous backsplash and sneaking down to my garage where my new cabinets are being stored.


With my peninsula being the focal point in kitchen I am beyond excited for the heavenly blue cabinets. 


Wanting a fashion color is a great way to make it your own but you still need to remember that not everyone has your specific tastes. This is why we kept the rest of the kitchen cabinets a traditional stark white.


With blue and white cabinets I found a backsplash that is fun and has some traditional shapes for the tile.

We are keeping our barely there grey walls to keep the focus on the cabinets and not having the design get too busy. Also with a slightly darker great countertop.

There will be lots of updates regarding this renovation. Fingers crossed that when the project finally gets underway it goes very smoothly!