88 Acres Seed bars review

I was searching around Whole Foods for a few things and of course meandered down the snack/ health food isle to see what hidden treasures I might find. Most of the granola bars/ protein bars are ladened with delicious ingredients such as peanut butter, nut butters, milk, and soy; great for most but off limits to us in the allergy world.

Nowadays finding a Top 8 granola bar is becoming more commonplace, which is great, but sometimes the taste is also lost due to the lose of ingredients. Sometimes the cardboard box may have more flavor than the bar itself... I have tried a wide variety of them and they haven’t really been my cup of tea but would do in a pinch.

Just by chance my eyes fell upon a seed bar by 88 Acres. Let me tell you it was absolutely delicious! It is a local company in New England that is based in Boston. Being in Massachusetts this makes me doubly pleased- not only did I find a Top 8 granola bar that was satisfying but I’m also supporting local! Us allergy families need to stick together.


It is produced in a plant free of the top 8 and is labeled as such!!! Labeling on the actual item instead of having to call a company to confirm or sleuth through their legal jargon to find the allergen statements. It is so nice to see a company be transparent about their ingredients and manufacturing facilities.


I would highly recommend these granola bars (there are four different flavors) and I might have to make another trip to Whole Foods to snag quite a few more! My favorite is the apple ginger. I could eat them by the dozen- yum!


If anyone has any other great Top 8 free snacks or treats let me know and I’ll gladly find them and give them a try! I’m always on the lookout for the super tasty item that is safe.

All products in this review were purchased with my own money and no one has approached me to do a review for them. My thoughts on the products are my own and do not reflect the thoughts or opinions of anyone else.