Kitchen sink cookies

There are certain cookies that I would consider a staple in anyone’s recipe list and oatmeal cookies are the top of mine. They are yummy, “healthy”, and quickly devoured by most of my family if I haven’t eaten them all myself.

The great thing about oatmeal cookies is they are the perfect mix and match cookie- add raisins, or chocolate chips, add a hint of cinnamon or ginger, find whatever odds and ends in the pantry and add the last spoonful of sprinkles or cocoa powder. My mother used to make a kitchen sink cookie and would ship them to me in college a few states away. Not only was I excited for them but my roomies were equally estatic, if not more, when fresh cookies were in the care package!

I have worked on this recipe for a little over a year and it seem like I take out my whole pantry every time I make them but they are so worth it!


Now to make an oatmeal cookie top 8 allergen free there is a little bit of Frankenstein-ing before you even get to mix in whatever you are craving. Gluten free flour is an easy swap but that egg is one that needs a little more finesse to keep the cookies together and still taste like the originals.

I always start with a recipe that can have an easy swap- margarine for butter, gluten free flour for regular flour, any type of egg replacer for an egg or two (any recipe with more than two eggs I stay away from). It makes things a bit easier to convert when you can already do a one to one switch.


The recipe yields 3-4 dozen cookies depending on how big you decide to scoop your tablespoons of dough. I like to use a cookie scoop to ensure even baking.


Enjoy and let me know what pantry items you like to mix in!