KitchenAid adjustments... who knew? 🤷‍♂️

I always joke that my wife married me for tech support. While I’m sure there are a lot of other qualities she actually married me for, I do tend to help with her tech issues year round. Recently, she was complaining to me that her brand new KitchenAid mixer (Mr. Mixy) did not reach the bottom of the bowl when she was making her Aquafaba royal icing.

We spent a ton on this and I figured that this is not normal; otherwise there would be mass baker revolts everywhere.

Pitchforks, torches, and whisks!

Well it turns out that this IS a common occurrence and that KitchenAid already planned for this. Apparently their stand mixers come with an adjustment screw that will allow you to adjust the distance between the bowl and the mixer.


Depending on the model the adjustment screw is either located on the main part of the stand or in the neck - please check your model’s manual for the exact location. Next, go grab a flathead screwdriver and a dime.


Yes a dime. A dime is about 1/16 of an inch so this an easy way to determine if your bowl is the right distance from the mixer.

Attach the flat beater, put the dime in the bowl, plug it in and set the mixer on low. For any adjustments please turn off the mixer and unplug it.

If the dime doesn’t move at all - adjust the screw by turning it counter clockwise.

If the dime moves a lot - adjust the screw by turning it clockwise.

The goal is to get the dime to move a little bit - that’s it Goldilocks. It’s that simple.

While this isn’t my usual tech support role in the house, I’m glad I was able to help Hannah out so that she can take full advantage of her equipment. Now this may have been painfully obvious to most people who have owned a KitchenAid mixer but neither of us knew about this and I’m hoping, by sharing this, that others in this same situation will be able to fine tune their mixers too.

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