Looking forward to 2019

As 2019 approaches I would love to explore more recipes and methods of baking.

Are there any recipes that you just can’t figure out? Or any ingredients you would like to include in an existing recipe? Please leave a comment below and let me know what new items I should explore in this blog!

As you all know I am an amateur baker at best but am willing to give anything the old college try! I’m thinking top 8 free marshmallows or fluff would be a great one- I made a very hard candy “marshmallow” the first time I tried. I may even give coconut flour another go (or seven if necessary!).

My marshmallows turned into hard candy... 

My marshmallows turned into hard candy... 

Give me your thoughts or even some tricks you, yourself, have learned along your journey of baking.

Comment to share your frustrations or recipes that you think might be a bit daunting or worth trying to turn into top 8 free. At the very least you can join me in the laughter while I learn from my fails!