Brownie Bites to drool over

Now that we knew coconut flour was not my friend and flat pans weren’t quite the right fit for my top 8 baking I dove deep into my internet searches for individual baked desserts. This is where I found my first true success! Brownies made in muffin tins and the secret was no flour whatsoever. I know you think this is crazy- how can you make brownies without flour? Black beans were the answer. The muffin tins helped cook them fully and evenly and there was still a nice dense moist baked good with a nice edge that holds it shape.

The best thing about these brownies is that you throw everything together and blend in your food processor. The order of adding is important but besides that its super easy and so delicious. It’s not my own recipe and I didn’t have to do any substituting to make it top 8 allergen free.


Here is the original blog from the Minimalist Baker and recipe I used; these brownies are also very versatile- add a flavor, extract, put something on top, or fill them.

They are one of my favorite recipes and who knew black beans and flax meal could taste so good with the best texture! These are kid and adult approved alike- with or without food allergies. No one missed the top 8 and everyone gobbles them up!