I have always been a creative person and have loved making people smile, especially with my baking. I come from a family of bakers and loved the taste and smells of the desserts served at family dinners and holidays. It brought happiness and love. Just like the love I have for my children. 

My daughter was diagnosed with a life threatening food allergy before the age of two. I gave her her very first, tiny, taste of peanut butter and had a serious allergic reaction. With no family history of food allergies this was a whole new world for us to learn and maneuver through. We always want to keep our children safe and this was just a whole new level of security needed. And with this new level came new research and learning. 

We found boxed mixes that suited our purpose but they were missing somethings- taste and love. They were safe for our daughter but they were lacking in other departments. The internet is a wonderful place where you can find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had to ask. Online there were some great sites and groups that had allergy friendly recipes. I worked hard to find all the ingredients and learned the techniques needed to create them. Once I felt my confidence grow, I tried my hand at making our family recipes safe for her. But with that newfound happiness I also found sadness- what about the others? Those who had more food restrictions/ allergies- such as having celiac’s disease or keeping vegan, kosher, autoimmune issues, or other severe allergies. I did lots of research and found what they call the Top Eight allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, fish, wheat, shellfish, eggs, soy, and milk) and got to work like a mad scientist on how I could make desserts that tasted great while eliminating the most common allergies. 

This is why I bake what I do- I do it out of love for taste and safety.